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Celebrate the wilderness with the revised 3rd Edition game!

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Trailhead is a board game about surviving the extremes of the great outdoors.

A dice game with a strategic twist, Trailhead is easy to learn and perfect for both the kitchen table and the campsite.

  • Players:
  • 2-5
  • Time:
  • 30-45 Min
  • Age:
  • 8+

It's a race to the trailhead!

Lost in the wilderness and running low on water, your goal is to be the first player to reach the trailhead. Collect Trail Markers to move forward, but watch out—you lose water at the end of every turn!

As you venture through the wilderness, you can collect Survival Cards that give you a boost, hinder other players, or alter the trail itself.

Lost in the Superstition Mountains

Trailhead is set in real locations within the Superstitions, a desert labyrinth with a history of legendary lost treasure.

Gameplay Highlights

Roll the Trailhead dice each turn to collect supplies for the journey

Stock up on the resources you need to move forward -- just don't run out of water!

Gain new abilities to give yourself a boost or thwart other players.

Trailhead can be played in many ways -- use map tiles to try lots of different trails.


Companion App

This optional mobile-friendly app lets you roll dice and keep track of your supplies on your mobile device!

It's great in tight spaces where rolling dice is difficult, if you're missing components, or if you just prefer it to the physical pieces. The app replaces Trailhead Dice, Counter Cards, Slider Clips.


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"Everything I would want in a game to throw in my backpack to go camping." -Board Game Closet

"Trailhead is a gem of a game, engaging for our family to play, and inspiring in its theme... It's a winner for us!" -Everything Board Games

"It's a really good game that will leave you thirsty for more." -Gaming Bits

"This is the kind of game that you might throw in a backpack if you’re going out... it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a light, nature themed dice chucker." -Gameosity

Fun Game, Serious Mission

Trailhead was inspired by the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, part of the Tonto National Forest that covers much of the state.

Over 150 National Forests around the country help protect the beauty and wildlife diversity of the United States, but face immense challenges.

Our mission is to increase awareness of America's wilderness areas and to help support them by donating $1 for every game sold to the National Forest Foundation.